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Harlan Diven (they/them)

"A holistic investigation is the opportunity to align with core values, give voice to those who may otherwise be unheard, and lift up an organization's mission and goals overall.  Whatever gives rise to an investigation, a holistic process has the power to restore trust and begin to heal."  - Harlan Diven

More About Harlan

Holistic policies and practices empower mission-driven spaces to become better, more inclusive spaces to do great work. Harlan partners with leaders and advocates to align their organization's values and vision with practical, real world solutions and tools to transform workplace culture. Harlan has managed investigations and teams in non-profit and for-profit settings at all stages of development, in both union and non-union environments. As an attorney, Harlan has an extensive civil litigation background and has focused on understanding and developing trauma-aware practices for over twenty years. Harlan believes that holistic investigations are an opportunity for organizations to reflect, connect, and thrive.  


Training & Education

J.D., Loyola Law School


Workplace Investigations Specialty Credential           (SHRM-WIS) 

Bar Admissions

California Bar 

DC Bar (pending)


(202) 768-9662

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Harlan Diven has championed the vision and mission of non-profits and changemakers throughout their career, ranging from foundational work with start-ups to critical investigations at legacy organizations. They are committed to building and maintaining holistic, values-aligned, trauma-informed investigatory processes and practices.  Harlan has an extensive background in civil litigation and has been awarded national recognition for their pro bono legal service and community-based work.   Harlan started their path toward building and supporting trauma-informed investigation practices twenty years ago as an anti-violence educator and sexual assault response advocate in rural Northern California.  Harlan is an experienced litigator and has worked in large law firm, solo firm, and non-profit settings.  Harlan has led teams in both union and non-union environments and has managed under collective bargaining agreements.  While working with survivors of intimate partner violence, Harlan also began advocating and educating around workplace experiences of trauma, discrimination, and harassment.  Harlan focused on employment matters and supporting safer, more accessible, and more inclusive workplaces with the Sierra Club, the HIV Law and Policy Project, and with California Rural Legal Assistance, where they headed a statewide worker-focused LGBTQ+ rights program.  Harlan’s interest in addressing organizational issues systemically and aligning policies and practices with values led to their role as a principal Investigator in mission-driven spaces.  Harlan brings a strong equity and inclusion lens to their work and believes that fair processes that focus on equity foster better lived experiences for staff and leadership alike.  No organization is ever done growing and Harlan champions process-driven, people-centered investigation practices that lead to fairer outcomes, better policies, and safer, more inclusive places to work.  Harlan attended the University of California, Los Angeles and Loyola Law School and is a licensed attorney in California and (pending) Washington DC.  Harlan is an active community volunteer in the areas of houselessness prevention and adult literacy.  Harlan lives in Oakland, California.

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