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A better, more balanced approach to workplace investigations.  


Through the provision of holistic investigation services, we empower organizations to become more vibrant, healthy, and inclusive places to work.

Whether you are responding to a public accusation, initiating a critical workplace investigation, or launching a broader examination of culture at your organization, our team is here to provide privileged, values-driven, equity-centered workplace investigations and related legal services.    

Introducing our law firm

Our Services


Holistic Workplace Investigations

Thorough and efficient investigations that are tailored to the realities of your organization and that build rather than break trust for the stakeholders involved.


Privileged Advice & Coaching

Advice on how to navigate crises that center values and mission while incorporating legal considerations, best practices, industry norms, community needs, and communication challenges.  


Recordkeeping & Documentation

Supportive services to ensure meticulous record-keeping and documentation, including on why and how decisions were made and what and when information and decisions are shared out with stakeholders.  

At Ramona Strategies Investigations, we take our obligation to protect employers and employees seriously, making sure everyone is on the right path with careful advice and counsel.  We draw heavily on our own experiences with building, running, and managing investigations and teams to ensure that everything we offer is grounded in practical, real-world solutions.  

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