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RSI Leadership Team


Harlan Diven


Harlan leads Ramona Strategies Investigations and draws on experiences as both an attorney and an in-house investigator to oversee and implement holistic, trauma-aware, inclusive investigations. Harlan provides legal counsel and advice for organizations, Boards, Human Resources, and General Counsel and that is bolstered by experience working with startup and legacy organizations at all phases development.     

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Kate Kimpel 


Kate’s practice focuses on organization-wide and department-wide investigations, reconciliation and restorative processes, investigations of senior executive and/or board members, and investigations where sexual assault or rape may be involved.  She is an award-winning litigator in the employment discrimination field and has regularly taught the enforcement of EEO/anti-discrimination law at Yale Law School.


Elizabeth Brown Riordan


Elizabeth’s practice focuses on investigation where questions on unfair or inappropriate performance management are prominent, where investigations may intersect with grievance or other CBA-related protections, and where the subtleties of identity-based microaggressions are relevant. She is not an attorney but previously served as an investigator for the DC Public Defender Office and the US Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

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