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Our Services

At Ramona Strategies Investigations we believe each investigation – whether it is prompted by a specific complaint or is a pulse check on a team, department, or organization – can serve as a platform for learning, healing, institutional growth, and lasting change.  

Holistic Workplace Investigations

  • Timely, efficient services - We prioritize providing timely, efficient services, so we limit the number of clients we take on.  We understand the impact that having an investigation drag on can have on stakeholders and on the outcomes of the organization.  

  • Attuned to the impacts of trauma and bias - We are attuned to the subtle impacts of bias and trauma on testimonial evidence and of positional power and societal privilege on workplace interactions.

  • Heightened confidentiality - We ensure that complainants, subjects, and witnesses are not unfairly impacted by the investigation itself. We provide a heightened level of confidentiality in interviews and related communications, shielding the identities of witnesses and complainant and, where possible, the subject.  

  • Transparent pricing - We provide a transparent approach to pricing, where you know at the outset what the cost of an investigation will be.  This better serves organizations with limited budgets, where an hourly rate model can end in unexpected budget overages.


Privileged Advice & Coaching 

  • Balanced approach to communications and privacy - We help boards and executive teams understand how to find the appropriate balance in communications between transparency with concerned stakeholders and protecting the privacy of impacted stakeholders.

  • Real-world solutions - Drawing on a depth of experience coaching, training, and leading both mission-driven and for-profit workplaces, we can marry legal advice around potential legal exposure with practical understanding of what does and doesn't work as interventions, disciplinary or corrective actions, and next steps.

  • Implementation-ready, holistic advice - Where organizations are handling investigations internally, we provide privileged advice on how internal staff can implement a more holistic approach to a specific investigation, consistent with best practices and legal guidelines.  In many cases, we help coach internal practitioners through tricky internal investigations.


Record-keeping & Documentation Support 

  • Tailored reporting - We work closely with clients to understand what kind of tailored reporting -- including oral briefings, executive summaries, and/or extensive annotated report files -- will be most useful to decision makers.  Factored into these discussions are potential risks and risk mitigation options.

  • Memorializing and transmitting investigation decisions - We can support decision-makers as they process the reports and determine how to memorialize and transmit investigation-related decisions.  In this capacity, we provide privileged space to establish those decisions and provide careful legal assistance on the drafting of related documents, including when records may need to be provided to unionized individuals as a part of a grievance or CBA-controlled process. 

  • Facilitated, supportive corrective action conversations - We often facilitate conversations with those receiving discipline or corrective action and with those who lodged concerns and complaints to both ensure that the participant experience in investigations remains supportive and inclusive and to ensure sufficient care around anonymity, confidentiality, and privilege are maintained.

Non-Legal Services

Sometimes cultivating and maintaining strong, equitable and effective teams doesn't require a privileged relationship or legal services.  The team at Ramona Strategiescan provide additional support, including review and revision of their internal workplace investigation procedures and policies, training for OGC and HR teams on holistic investigation practices, training for boards and executive teams, or a whole range of other management and culture-related services.

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